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Cloud Pen 1.0

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Cloud Pen 1.0

 The Cloud Pen 1.0 is where it all started with us . This little discreet , compact , oval shaped delivery device will get the job done .We were one of the First in the industry to really reengineer a vapor pen to work for the concentrates we like :) We took a Failing vape pen  model and made it work . We Branded the design and incorporated a Micro USB charger to make it our own and filed Patent #USD720882S1. Equipped with a 350MAH battery, Charge time 2-3 hours , good to go for 4-6 hours of use, The Atomizer coil system we use is  a "Click in" Technology that Strengthens the bond between the coil and battery, with a slight push on the Coil sideways it will pop out . When securing press Coil Down and you will hear a "Click" . If your looking for a affordable device for the daily Dose This is a Great Choice . 

Top 3 Cloud Pen 1.0 Unique Features

  1.  Drag time of 20 seconds with a blue LED light
  2.  Low battery led indicator: light will turn red when 10% battery life left.
  3.  Click-in atomizer technology: Securing your atomizer, that only removes with a push on the side.

Everything included in purchase:

1 Cloud Pen 1.0 (350 mAh Battery/Mouthpiece)
1 Single Ceramic Rod Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer
1 Custom C-Tensil
3 Mouth Guards
1 Micro USB Cord Charger
1 Authenticity Card/User Manual
1 Year Limited Warranty

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