Cloud Pen 2.0

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 Cloud Pen 2.0

 The Cloud Pen 2.0 is one of our Classics known as our first product brought to market before we made the 1.0,2.0,3.0 kits. Cloud Pen 2.0 has a silver Color Scheme and its stylish carrying case comes with 2 Atomizer Coil Choices . Cloud Pen 2.0 Comes stock with one single Ceramtic rod coil as well as a MediA2.0 for interchangeable use . The Cloud Pen 2.0 battery is 650MAh a extended version of the Cloud Pen 1.0  . Charge time of 2-3 hours and your all set . Low battery indictor for when your at 10% the button will flash red . When in use the button lights up Sliver .  5 Clicks to turn on/off . Custom C-Tensil perfect for loading and Cleaning . This is a Great choice for your daily go to . 



                                   Top 4 Cloud Pen 2.0 Features

  1. 650 mAh Battery - Drag time of 20 seconds - White led light color
  2. Click-in atomizer technology: Securing your atomizer, that only removes with a push on the side.
  3. Low Battery indicator - Button flashes Red when at 10% of battery Left ,        

Everything included in purchase:

1 Cloud Pen 2.0 (650 mAh Battery/Mouthpiece)
1 MediA2.0Ceramic-rod Titanium Coil Atomizer
1 Single Ceramic-rod Titanium Coil Atomizer
1 Custom Cloud Pen C-Tensil
1 Custom Cloud Pen Silicone Jar
1 Custom Cloud Pen Carrier
3 Mouth Guards
1 Micro USB Cord Charger
1 Authenticity Card/User Manual
1 Year Limited Warranty

Compatible Atomizers: (Sold Separately)
Dry Herb Atomizers 


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